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Which developer created Betrayal io?

Immerse yourself in the deceptive world of, a game intricately designed by Addicting Games, where trust is fragile, and every move is suspect. Addicting Games challenges players to engage in a high-stakes game of wits and cunning, blurring the lines between ally and adversary.

play Betrayal io

How to play Betrayal io?

🕵️‍♂️ Determine Your Role: Each game randomly assigns you as an innocent or a betrayer. Your objectives differ drastically based on your role.
👥 Collaborate or Deceive: If you're innocent, work with others to complete tasks and vote out betrayers. If you're a betrayer, sabotage the innocents' efforts and eliminate them discreetly.
💬 Communicate Effectively: Use the chat function to discuss suspicions, alibis, and evidence. Communication is key to influencing others and uncovering the truth.
🔍 Investigate and Accuse: Pay attention to players' behavior and voting patterns. Accuse those you suspect, but be prepared to defend yourself from accusations too.
🧠 Use Strategy and Deception: Betrayers must create confusion and mistrust among innocents, while innocents must use logic and observation to identify the betrayers.
🎭 Bluff and Counter-Bluff: Master the art of deception. Convincing lies and well-timed truth can be powerful tools, regardless of your role.
🏆 Win as a Team: Victory is achieved when all betrayers are voted out, or the betrayers outnumber the innocents. Teamwork and strategy are vital to securing a win for your side.
🔄 Play Multiple Rounds: Each round offers a new chance to play a different role and refine your strategies. Learn from previous games to become a more effective player.

Betrayal io Gameplay Images

What is Betrayal io all about? offers an intense social deduction experience, setting players against one another in a virtual game of deceit, deduction, and survival. Participants are divided into two groups: the innocents and the betrayers. While innocents work together to complete tasks and solve the mystery of who the betrayers are, betrayers must covertly sabotage these efforts and eliminate innocents without being caught. The game unfolds in various settings, each with unique challenges and opportunities for deception. Communication, strategy, and psychology play crucial roles as players argue, persuade, and deduce their way through each round. Whether you’re defending your innocence, accusing others, or sneaking around as the betrayer, tests your ability to lie convincingly, detect lies, and survive the treachery of others.

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