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Which developer created Brutal io?

Enter the arena of, a game ingeniously designed by Andre Almeida, where physics-based combat meets strategic multiplayer mayhem. Andre Almeida challenges players to wield their flails with precision and cunning, offering a uniquely thrilling battle experience.

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How to play Brutal io?

🎮 Control Your Vehicle: Use your mouse to steer your vehicle around the arena. Your flail follows the cursor, allowing you to swing it at opponents.
💥 Collect Energy Particles: Absorb energy particles to grow your flail. The larger it is, the more damage it can inflict on opponents.
🔨 Smash Opponents: Swing your flail to hit other players. Successful hits will detach their energy, which you can then collect to increase your size and strength.
🔄 Use Tactics: You can release your flail to launch it at enemies for long-range attacks. Click again to retract it back to your vehicle.
🏃 Escape Danger: Speed is essential for both attacking and evading. Use boosts and quick turns to escape from larger opponents or to set up strategic attacks.
📈 Grow and Dominate: The goal is to become the largest and most powerful player in the arena. Strategy and agility will help you climb the leaderboard.
🛡️ Defend Yourself: Be aware of your surroundings and keep your flail between you and your opponents to defend against their attacks.

Brutal io Gameplay Images

What is Brutal io all about? combines fast-paced action with real-time strategy and physics-based mechanics. Players control a vehicle with a flail attached, navigating through an arena filled with opponents and energy particles. The objective is to grow your flail by collecting energy and using it to smash other players, absorbing their energy to become even more powerful. The game requires skillful maneuvering and strategic thinking, as players must decide when to extend their flail to hit opponents or retract it for defense. With vibrant graphics and fluid gameplay, offers an addictive and competitive environment where timing, precision, and quick decision-making are key to survival and dominance.

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