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Which developer created Lurkers io?

Embark on a stealth adventure with, a game expertly designed by Bergice, where cunning and concealment lead to victory. Bergice challenges players to navigate a world of shadows, using stealth and strategy to outmaneuver rivals in a tense game of cat and mouse.

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How to play Lurkers io?

🌑 Blend with the Shadows: Use the environment to hide from other players. Staying out of sight is key to survival and setting up ambushes.
🔍 Track Your Prey: Pay attention to clues that might reveal the location of other players. Use sound, movement, and environmental interactions to your advantage.
💡 Use Light and Darkness: Manipulate light sources if possible to create shadows for hiding or expose your enemies.
🗡️ Strike Strategically: Choose the right moment to attack. Patience and precision are crucial to taking down your targets effectively.
🕵️ Stay Vigilant: Always be aware of your surroundings. Other lurkers are always nearby, waiting for a chance to strike.
🏃 Master Movement: Learn to move quickly and quietly. Your ability to traverse the map undetected can save your life.
🛠️ Customize Your Loadout: Select equipment and abilities that complement your playstyle. Whether you prefer traps, decoys, or direct confrontation, your gear can give you an edge.
🏆 Survive and Thrive: The goal is to be the last one standing. Adapt your strategy, use the map to your advantage, and anticipate the actions of your rivals.

Lurkers io Gameplay Images

What is Lurkers io all about? is a unique online multiplayer game that emphasizes stealth over brute force. Set in a dark, ever-changing environment, players must use their wits and surroundings to remain unseen, track down opponents, and strike at the opportune moment. The game combines elements of strategy, suspense, and surprise, as players vie to outlast and outsmart one another in a high-stakes hide-and-seek. With minimalist graphics that enhance the atmosphere of mystery and danger, offers a thrilling experience where every shadow could be friend or foe. Customize your character, choose your tactics, and delve into the darkness. Will you become the predator, or will you fall prey to another more cunning lurker?

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