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Which developer created Limax io?

Embark on a slithering adventure in, a game masterfully crafted by Limax, where players navigate the world as cunning slugs. Limax has seamlessly blended strategy and action, creating a riveting multiplayer experience that keeps players coming back for more.

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How to play Limax io?

🐌 Control Your Slug: Move your slug around the arena using the mouse. Your slug follows the cursor, allowing for fluid and responsive movement.
🍬 Consume Food: Eat the colorful food particles scattered across the map to grow in size. The larger you become, the more formidable you are.
💥 Set Traps: Click the left mouse button to accelerate and leave behind a lethal trail. Use this ability to trap and eliminate opponents.
🌟 Absorb Energy: Collect the remains of defeated slugs to grow even larger. Be cautious, as pursuing these remains can expose you to danger.
⚡ Boost Strategically: Use your boost wisely, as it reduces your size. Strategic use can help you escape danger or trap opponents effectively.
🏆 Aim to Be the Largest: The objective is to become the largest slug in the arena. Use a combination of growth and elimination to climb the leaderboard.
🔄 Survive and Thrive: Avoid running into other slugs or their trails. Survival is key to becoming the dominant slug in

Limax io Gameplay Images

What is Limax io all about? offers a unique twist on the popular io game formula, placing players in the role of a slug competing for dominance in a colorful, dynamic arena. Similar to other multiplayer games in the genre, the goal is to grow larger by consuming food scattered around the map. However, introduces a strategic element where players can set traps for others by leaving behind a lethal trail. If an opponent crosses this trail, they explode, leaving behind nutrients that can be consumed for growth. This mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, encouraging both aggressive and defensive strategies. With intuitive controls and a competitive environment, is perfect for players who enjoy fast-paced action and strategic thinking.

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