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Which developer created Lordz io?

Embark on a quest for power and domination in, a strategy game masterfully developed by Spinbot, where players amass armies and forge empires. Spinbot combines tactical army building with real-time combat, challenging would-be rulers to outsmart and outmaneuver their rivals.

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How to play Lordz io?

🏰 Gather Gold: Collect gold scattered across the map to finance your army and buildings. Protect your miners to ensure a steady income.
🗡️ Build Your Army: Use gold to recruit units. Balance your forces with a mix of melee, ranged, and special units to counter various threats.
🏠 Expand Your Population: Construct houses to increase your army size limit. More houses mean you can recruit more soldiers.
🛡️ Fortify Your Territory: Build walls and towers for defense. Erect castles to serve as strongholds and to protect your land and resources.
💂 Strategize Your Forces: Position your army wisely. Use knights for fast attacks, archers for ranged support, and dragons for devastating aerial assaults.
🔗 Form Alliances: Ally with other players for mutual protection and to share resources. But be wary of treachery!
🗺️ Conquer the Map: Expand your domain by conquering other players' territories. Use strategic force and alliances to eliminate your rivals.
🏹 Stay Vigilant: Always be prepared for enemy attacks. Keep your army close and your defenses ready.

Lordz io Gameplay Images

What is Lordz io all about? invites players into a medieval world where strategy, quick thinking, and leadership are key to survival and supremacy. In this competitive multiplayer game, your objective is to gather gold, recruit soldiers, and expand your territory while defending against enemy attacks. From swordsmen and archers to dragons and knights, select from various units to create the most balanced and powerful army. Build houses to increase your population limit, and construct castles to protect your domain. Form alliances or declare war on neighboring lords as you vie to conquer the map. With its engaging gameplay mechanics and dynamic battles, offers an immersive experience for fans of strategy and conquest.

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