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Which developer created Splix io?

Step into the competitive world of, a game ingeniously designed by Jesper The End, where strategic thinking and quick reflexes lead to mastery over territory. Jesper The End challenges players to expand their domain while navigating a grid filled with adversaries.

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How to play Splix io?

🚀 Move Strategically: Use the arrow keys to navigate your line around the grid. Enclose areas to convert them to your territory.
🌐 Expand Your Domain: Carefully venture out from your territory to enclose new areas. Each piece of land added strengthens your position.
⚔️ Defend Your Territory: Keep an eye on invaders trying to cut through your trail. Return to your territory before they intersect your line to eliminate the threat.
🏃 Outmaneuver Opponents: Capture other players' territories by cutting through their trails. Be quick and strategic to catch them off guard.
🛡️ Stay Alert: Leaving your territory makes you vulnerable. Plan your expansions carefully and watch out for multiple opponents.
🎖️ Climb the Leaderboard: The more territory you claim, the higher your score. Aim for dominance and secure your place at the top of the leaderboard.
🔄 Quick Recovery: If you're eliminated, jump back into a new game immediately. Use each round as a chance to refine your strategies and tactics.

Splix io Gameplay Images

What is Splix io all about? is an engaging online multiplayer game that combines elements of strategy and action. Players control a colored line that moves around a grid, enclosing areas to capture territory. The objective is to claim as much land as possible while defending your boundaries from other players looking to steal your space. When moving outside your territory, you leave a trail that can be cut by enemies, eliminating you from the game. Conversely, you can capture other players' territories by cutting through their trails before they return to their own land. With its simple yet deep gameplay mechanics, offers a thrilling experience where tactical movement and territorial control are key to becoming the top player.

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