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Which developer created Mope io?

Embark on a survival adventure in, a game ingeniously crafted by Addicting Games, where the law of the jungle reigns supreme. Addicting Games challenges players to adapt, survive, and thrive in a bustling ecosystem filled with predators and prey.

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How to play Mope io?

🐾 Start Small, Dream Big: Begin your journey as a small animal. Eat berries and other available food sources to gain experience and grow.
💧 Stay Hydrated: Keep an eye on your water meter and drink from water spots to stay hydrated. Avoid dehydration to maintain your health and speed.
⚠️ Avoid Predators: Stay alert and avoid animals with red outlines, as they are predators that can eat you. Use hiding spots and your animal's unique abilities to escape.
🔄 Evolve and Adapt: As you eat and survive, you'll gain the option to evolve into different animals. Each evolution offers new abilities and challenges.
🌎 Explore Different Biomes: Travel across various biomes, each with unique food and creatures. Adapting to the environment is key to your survival.
🏆 Climb the Food Chain: Aim to become a top predator. As you evolve into higher-level animals, you'll face new predators but also unlock powerful abilities.
🤝 Interact with Other Players: You can choose to cooperate with other players or compete against them for resources and territory.
🎮 Master Your Abilities: Learn and master the special abilities of each animal to outmaneuver both predators and prey.

Mope io Gameplay Images

What is Mope io all about? is an engaging online multiplayer game set in a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where players start life as a small animal and aim to climb the food chain to become dominant predators. The game features a wide variety of creatures, each with unique abilities and challenges. Players must navigate through different biomes, consume food and water to grow, and avoid being eaten by higher-level animals. Strategic thinking and quick reflexes are crucial as you decide when to pursue prey and when to flee from predators. As you progress, you'll have the opportunity to evolve into stronger animals with special abilities, offering new gameplay mechanics and strategies.'s simple yet deep gameplay mechanics provide an entertaining and endlessly replayable survival experience.

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