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Which developer created Powerline io?

Experience the high-voltage thrill of, a game ingeniously developed by Profusion Studios, where players navigate a digital world as neon powerlines. Profusion Studios has electrified the classic snake game with a modern twist, offering fast-paced gameplay that demands quick thinking and swift maneuvers.

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How to play Powerline io?

🕹️ Navigate Your Powerline: Use arrow keys or WASD to control the direction of your powerline. Aim to collect energy particles and grow longer.
⚡ Gain Speed Boosts: Drive close to other powerlines to gain a speed boost, making it easier to encircle and outmaneuver opponents.
🚫 Eliminate Rivals: Force other players to crash into your tail or the map boundaries. Collect energy from defeated rivals to grow faster.
🔄 Use Strategy: Plan your moves to trap other players while avoiding being trapped yourself. Use speed boosts strategically to escape or chase.
💥 Avoid Collisions: Crashing into another powerline or the map boundary will end your game. Maneuver carefully to survive.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard: The longer you survive and the more opponents you eliminate, the higher your score. Aim to top the leaderboard and become the most powerful powerline in the arena.
🎮 Stay Alert: The game's pace quickens as your powerline grows. Stay focused and anticipate the movements of your rivals to stay ahead.

Powerline io Gameplay Images

What is Powerline io all about? brings an innovative twist to the beloved classic snake game, transforming players into glowing powerlines competing in a neon-lit digital arena. The objective is simple: grow longer by collecting energy particles and eliminate opponents by making them collide with your tail. What sets apart is its unique mechanic that allows players to gain a speed boost by closely following other powerlines, encouraging risky but rewarding maneuvers. As you navigate through the grid, strategic thinking and reflexes are key to trapping opponents and avoiding collisions. With its vibrant visuals and competitive gameplay, offers an addictive multiplayer experience where strategy and agility are the keys to electrifying success.

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