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Which developer created School Break io?

Dive into the wild antics of School, a game ingeniously crafted by Unknown Dev, where the school halls are battlegrounds for pranks and order. Unknown Dev invites you to embrace your inner rebel or uphold discipline in an ever-evolving, strategic multiplayer environment.

play School Break io

How to play School Break io?

🎒 Choose Your Role: Start by selecting to play as a student or a teacher. Each role has unique goals and abilities.
🏫 Navigate the School: Use the map to move through classrooms, hallways, and key areas of the school. Familiarize yourself with the layout to plan your strategies or chase down troublemakers.
🎈 Plan or Prevent Pranks: As a student, coordinate with others to execute pranks across the school. As a teacher, keep an eye out for suspicious activity and intervene before pranks go off.
🕵️ Use Stealth and Observation: Students must avoid being seen by teachers while carrying out their plans. Teachers need to be vigilant, watching for clues and catching students in the act.
🛠️ Leverage Tools and Abilities: Both roles have access to special tools and abilities that can help achieve their objectives or foil the plans of the other side.
🏃 Master Movement: Quick and strategic movement is key. Use speed to outrun opponents or corner them.
📈 Upgrade Your Character: Successful pranks or captures contribute to your experience, allowing you to upgrade and gain access to better abilities and tools.
🏆 Win the Day: The game ends when students complete a set number of pranks or teachers manage to keep order until the school day ends. Aim to be on the winning side!

School Break io Gameplay Images

What is School Break io all about?

School offers players a unique twist on the classic cat-and-mouse gameplay set within the bustling halls of a virtual school. Choose your side: join the ranks of the students aiming to cause mischief and disrupt the day, or take on the role of teachers determined to keep order and discipline. As a student, strategize with your classmates to pull off epic pranks without getting caught, using speed and stealth to your advantage. As a teacher, patrol the school, catch misbehaving students, and work to prevent chaos. Each role offers a distinct play style and objectives, with various tools and abilities to master. Whether it’s setting traps as a student or using your keen eye as a teacher, School promises endless fun and challenges in this lively school-themed multiplayer game.

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