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Which developer created Stabfish io?

Plunge into the depths of, a deep-sea adventure ingeniously crafted by Draco Chu, where predators become prey in a battle for oceanic supremacy. Draco Chu masterfully combines action-packed gameplay with the strategic depth of underwater combat.

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How to play Stabfish io?

🐟 Navigate the Waters: Use your mouse to control the direction of your sea creature. Speed up by clicking the left mouse button.
🔱 Spear Your Foes: Aim your horn to spear other players. The longer you survive and the more foes you spear, the larger and more powerful you become.
🍖 Eat to Grow: Consume the remains of speared enemies to grow in size and score points. Bigger creatures have a longer reach with their horns.
⚡ Utilize Special Abilities: Each sea creature has a unique ability. Use these strategically to escape danger or to attack.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard: Score points by spearing opponents and eating. Compete against players worldwide to become the mightiest creature in the ocean.
🌊 Avoid Hazards: Be wary of the environment. Hazards like jellyfish, whirlpools, and other obstacles can end your reign of terror.

Stabfish io Gameplay Images

What is Stabfish io all about? is an online multiplayer game set in the vast, uncharted waters of a dangerous ocean. Players control fearsome sea creatures armed with deadly horns, engaging in a fight for survival and dominance. Navigate through treacherous waters, spear your opponents, and consume the remains to grow larger and more formidable. As you evolve, you can unlock and choose from a variety of sea creatures, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Avoid hazards, outsmart other players, and climb to the top of the food chain in this captivating underwater world. With its simple controls, vibrant graphics, and dynamic gameplay, offers endless hours of entertainment and competition.

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