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Which developer created Stardust io?

Embark on a cosmic journey with, a game masterfully developed by Unknown Dev, where the vastness of space is your playground. Unknown Dev invites players to experience the beauty and brutality of the cosmos, growing from a tiny speck of stardust to a dominant celestial force.

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How to play Stardust io?

🌌 Collect Stardust: Move around the space to collect stardust and grow in size. The more you collect, the larger and stronger you become.
⚔️ Absorb Smaller Players: Use your gravitational pull to absorb smaller stars and celestial bodies, but avoid larger ones that can absorb you.
🚀 Navigate Strategically: Plan your movements carefully to avoid being trapped by larger entities. Use speed boosts to escape or chase down targets.
🌠 Become the Largest Celestial Body: The goal is to become the largest entity in the game. Dominate the playing field by absorbing others and avoiding being absorbed.
🛡️ Use Power-Ups: Look out for power-ups that can temporarily increase your speed, size, or mass absorption rate.
🌀 Escape Larger Players: Being absorbed is not the end. You can respawn and start your journey anew, learning from previous strategies.
🏆 Climb the Leaderboard: Your size and the number of entities you've absorbed contribute to your score. Aim for the top of the leaderboard to become the dominant force in the universe.

Stardust io Gameplay Images

What is Stardust io all about? offers players an expansive and mesmerizing space environment to explore and dominate. In this online multiplayer game, you start as a small star, navigating through space to collect stardust and grow in size. The more stardust you collect, the larger and more gravitational pull you possess, allowing you to attract and absorb smaller players. However, navigating the cosmos is not without its dangers; larger players will seek to absorb you to increase their mass. The game features a beautiful, procedurally generated universe filled with stars, planets, and nebulae, offering a unique experience with each playthrough. With its simple controls, stunning visuals, and strategic gameplay, provides an engaging and addictive challenge for players looking to conquer the stars.

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